About us
The strength of a collaboration
KL INDUSTRIES, together with LORBER S.A. and CLESID Lorber, is an engineering company of the BRAYGAUNORE Group based in Luxembourg. KL INDUSTRIES was created in 2008 by Jean-Marc Lorber and Régis Krebs with the aim of pooling their strengths and clients.

Our demand for excellence cannot be dissociated from our know-how and our professionalism, which are indispensable if our clients are to come away satisfied. By listening to our customers, we can offer them specific solutions in terms of engineering, studies and calculations, while respecting quality and efficiency.

since 1989
International experience

As far as our African customers are concerned, our commitment to excellence continues beyond the design phase since, thanks to the know-how of our team and the contribution of our subsidiary KL INDUSTRIES GUINEE we offer the same quality of service in the construction of metal structures, boilermaking and industrial piping.

Since 1989, we have been working as subcontractors to international groups. Years of experience and success at sites in Europe and around the world enable us to provide you with advice and customised solutions.

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About us

Ready to listen to you and at the service of your projects.

Highly qualified, experienced, professional, available and creative, they will be able to use all the know-how of our Company in order to offer you solutions in line with your expectations and the standards in force.

About us
  • Know-how
  • International experience
  • A customised and turnkey offer
  • Quality in maintenance and technical assistance
  • High-performance calculation and design software: TEKLA Structure, Robot Structure Analysis, SCIA Engineer, Autocad, Solidworks, Rohr II